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Dr. Robert and Audrey Thompson

Bob and Audrey were born in the east but met in San Diego at a small Bible Institute shortly after World War II. Bob served in the US Marines during the war where he was saved. The war ended and he was part of the occupation forces in Japan when the Lord called him to preach.

Feeling confident that the Lord would surely send them forth immediately, Bob and Audrey awaited God's direction with great expectations. What the Lord said was, "Wait and I will tell you when and where."

Using the waiting time, Bob continued his education. He completed his B.A. at ASU in Tempe, Arizona, then attended Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. Having a joint music and teaching major, Bob switched to a teaching focus and graduated from the University of Rochester with a Masters in Education, an Education Specialist degree, and eventually a Doctor of Education.

Audrey earned her Ph.T (putting hubby through) during pastor's educational pursuits. She also initiated and principaled Rawhide Ranch School in Bonsall, and then Christian Life School in Poway.

Bob has taught at all levels--elementary, high school and college. For a time he was also an elementary school principal. He holds three life credentials for teaching and administration in the State of California.

During this time Bob and Audrey had two sons added to their family. Marc and David now have families of their own. Having settled into the routine and stresses of life it was a surprise to hear the Lord say, "You are no longer waiting for Me, but I am now waiting for you." The question of when was answered, but the where question was yet unanswered.

The door was open a crack to come to Southern California where they had previously attended Bible School. Bob and Audrey resigned their teaching positions in Fremont, California, and moved here in 1976. Soon after their arrival they were invited by the Foursquare to pastor a church in Poway. They have been at Mount Zion Fellowship for over twenty-five years.

While serving in Poway Bob has ministered in Israel at the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration. He has also ministered in Iceland and in Czechoslovakia. In addition his tapes and writings are distributed worldwide. Recently a ministry has opened on the internet with a daily essay called the Word of Righteousness. This ministry has reached over seventy five countries to date.

A few years back God added an intense participatory worship (pageantry, mime etc.) to the meeting of the saints in Poway. Pastors Bob and Audrey saw God's wisdom in this and observed that this was needed to balance and enhance the working of the Word in the lives of Christians, as well as focus our attention on ministering unto the Lord in our gatherings.

It is so wonderful to have one's life established on the Rock of Ages.
Speaking for ourselves, we couldn't make it without Jesus. This has been
true for 55 years.

Pastors Bob and Audrey Thompson

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