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We place great emphasis in our assembly on the children and young people, starting from the age of four years or so,  depending on the child. They all join in with tambourines,  dancing, and the "yadah," which are body movements that express the worship choruses.

We regard all children and young people as disciples and treat them as such, within the limits of their maturity.  It is our point of view that the "generation gap" is just part of twenty-first century culture and not at all necessary.

As we see it, God put people together in families and desires that each age level contribute to the whole.

The young people are particularly active with the use of banners during the worship. It appears that as a result, many of the children and young people are internalizing our values.

It is our belief that in the present hour God's hand is on the children and young people, and when they look to Him, He is there to meet them.

Small children sometimes are demonstrating spiritual precocity. You may have noticed this in your own family. It is likely that when they come of age they will bring revival to the entire world, prior to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their success in bringing revival may depend on our setting the right kind of example for them.

                 Pictures of our Youth in action during a worship service
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